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GIẤY IN TEM MÃ VẠCH Giấy decal Fasson

Tem decal Fasson AW0331

Fasson® Fascoat 2/S1010/BG40Wh Imp Spec# /AW0331
Last Modified: 18-Mar-2010
A semi-gloss, one side machine coated, calendered 
white printing paper.
Basis Weight 80 g/m² TAPPI T410
Caliper 71 µm TAPPI T411
S1010 is an emulsion acrylic adhesive.
Typical Performance Data
Initial Tack 12.8 or tear
FTM 9 glass
Peel Adhes. 90° 9.0 or tear
FTM 2 st.st.
Min. appl. temp. 5°C 
Service temp. -20°C to 80°C subject to facestock 
Food Industry Labels
The adhesive complies with FDA regulations (section
175.105) for indirect food contact.
BG40 is a high density glassine paper featuring high 
internal strength, toughness and tear resistance as
well as high transparency.
Basis Weight 62 g/m² TAPPI T410
Caliper 55 µm TAPPI T411
Total Caliper 135 µm +/- 10%

Applications and Uses
This product is suitable for a wide range of 
promotional and industrial labels applications 
whereby attractive semi-gloss appearance with heavy 
multicolor ink coverage work is required. 
S1010 adhesive has been developed as General 
Purpose Permanent adhesive for paper labels. It 
adheres well to a variety of substrates. It is advisable 
to test the product with the end-use conditions during 
the qualification to ensure it meets specific 
Typical applications include labels for cosmetic, 
pharmaceutical and food products industry.
Printing / Converting
The facestock provides excellent print quality by all 
the usual printing techniques. The semi-gloss 
surface offers excellent print quality especially with 
letterpress and flexo.
High internal strength of the glassine liner provides 
excellent support for die cutting both rotary and flat 
Shelf Life
One year when stored at 22°C and 50% R.H.
Statement of Practical Use
As with all pressure sensitive materials, this product 
should be tested thoroughly under end-use conditions 
to ensure it meets the requirements of the specific

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